Why should you sell your art online?

Selling your art online is a great way to open up your talents to a worldwide market of potential buyers. The world is truly your oyster if you have the right methods and tools of promoting yourself and your art.

This blog is dedicated to bringing you mentoring and practical skills as well as case studies of successful artists and what they’ve done to boost their online sales.

Join us for the journey.


2 responses to “Why should you sell your art online?

  1. This is great idea for a new blog – looking forward to watching it grow.

    (Thanks for the link too!)

    Ben @ ivoteforart.com

  2. Yeah I’m going to keep my eye on this blog too. Sounds will have some interesting and informative info. Best wishes with it.

    I agree, the internet has opened up a whole new way for artists to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t have ever have seen their art. And the proliferation of online print on demand services has given many artists such as myself an opportunity to sell their art in a way they wouldn’t of had before. The internet and artists definitely go well together.

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