Successful artists blog

Many artists I know that sell art online also have a blog. If you want to sell more art then maybe you should too.

So what is bloggging in a nutshell?
Blogging is basically a web-based diary or journal.

So why should artists have a blog?
Blogging is a very simple, fast method of getting your work online in a format that people can easily see. An excellent example of this is Jon Burgerman. Jon puts a huge amount of work onto his site. In doing this I believe he acheives the following:

  • He provides a “community” feel by allowing site visitors to post feedback to his journal entries.
  • He has an archive of work that you can browse through to get to really understand his style and how it has developed.
  • He is able to get people to subscribe to his site. This means he can effectively keep in contact with ‘fans’.
  • He also has a shop attached to the site enabling people that like his work to purchase it directly.

These are just a few of the many good reasons to get blogging.

My guide to ‘starting an art blog‘ is coming soon…


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