Calculate your art sales fees

Here’s just a quicky…

If you are using the following sites to sell art at Etsy or Ebay then you can use PPCALC to work out what the commission will be.


One response to “Calculate your art sales fees

  1. Hi Guys, Nice Artwork. 🙂

    Another Calculator that Shows both eBay US and Etsy side-by-side can be found here:

    This calculator can also adjust for one’s Sell Through Rate to make it more accurate. It can be used in the following English Speaking countries UK, US, CA, AU, CA.

    The calculator focuses on the most important part of how much PROFIT eBay+PayPal make and how much is left for you. If used over time it could help one improve maximizing their Profits.

    Thanks, and if you like it, spread the word.

    Also Just for FUN, to keep up on blogging for
    Ben the Illustrator check here:
    Or Jon Burgerman check here:

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